Tech Companies

Google's Old Haunt

I just signed a lease today and am setting up my office at ROC in Santa Monica (corner of Arizona Ave and 6th Street).  For Non-Santa Monicans--that's 1 block off Wilshire-- a few blocks from the glorious and grand Pacific Ocean and the Third Street Promenade (pretty great--but not quite as grand).

The building is a creative, collaborative workspace for startups including a number of socially conscious businesses, and those entities, such our firm, who support them.  It has a definite incubator feel and has, at this time, at least 1 incubator among its tenants.

The former Google office space--now multi-multi-tenant--has free Intelligentsia coffee and espresso, 1980s soda machines, bathrooms on each floor--and a great rooftop lounge/workspace--great for meetings and consults on those warm, sunny Santa Monica days in February!  

All in all, the combination of innovation in tech and media, along with the decidedly innovative bent in workspace makes it perfect launching pad for the Denson Law Group.